Monday, July 20, 2009

Melon Mambo Card Folder...

Yay! A new project! :) If there is anyone out there still checking my blog, I bet you were thinking that to yourself! :) I know, I have been a major slacker on the blog thing. I feel really bad about it, so a BIG thank you to anyone that stuck around. :) Anyway: on to the cute project! :)

Awhile ago...a long while ago :)...I showed you THESE super cute card folders. Well, when I was making those ones I messed up and scored one of the boxes totally wrong. I kept it though thinking one day I would do something with it. :) Well, yesterday was the day! :) I had been cleaning my stamp room and found the box and decided I needed to either do something with it, or throw it away. :) ***Oh, and just in case you are wondering, nope, unfortunately I don't know the measurements. Sorry. :)***

So I was looking at the box and I realized that 3x6 cards would fit in there pretty well. I really wanted to play with something new, so I pulled out one of my new favorite colors...Melon Mambo! I love this pink, it is so going to be used in my daughters room. :) I the subject again! Lets move on. :)

I have a few friends that just had baby girls and one that just found out she was having a girl, YAY, so I guess I have baby girls on the mind. :) The folder holds 4 thank you cards that are all the same.
Here is just a picture of the inside...I know you can't see it, but I used a little velcro dot on the inside of the flap to keep it closed.
The cute card. :) I saw THIS super cute card that my friend Kasia did and loved it, so I used it as the layout for my cards. Enjoy! If you have any questions, just let me know! :)


Ashley said...

Well I came to look because you told me you were posting! :) YEAH!!! I love this project! It's so cute! :) THANKS for posting something new! I've missed all your FABULOUS projects!!!! You are so talented!

stevens family said...

Love it!

Amanda said...

I can understand the not blogging trend! It has to be because it is the summer. Such a cute project!

Kasia said...

I love this! I have baby girl stuff on my mind too :)

I love how you changed the holder to fit these cards!