Monday, July 21, 2008

Retired Accessories List and a Sale!!!

The retired accessories list is here, and remember everything on the list is only available WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! So, if there is something on the list you are wanting, don't wait! Contact me today to place an order so you don't miss out on all your favorite accessories. Things are already selling out!

I will keep you updated as things run out, but for now anything in RED is already gone.

Now, I bet you are wondering about the sale part...anything with an asterisk (*) next to it is 25% OFF! How awesome is Stampin' Up! They wanted to make sure you could afford to get everything you are wanting! :)

*Last updated-July 26*
109200-pg. 177-Accents & Elements Build A Flower

110718-pg. 177-Accents & Elements Lucky Star
110719-pg. 177-Accents & Elements Messenger
103158-pg. 184-Acrylic Graph & Grid
108638-pg. 163-Card Stock 12 X 12 In Color
108642-pg. 163-Card Stock 8-1/2 X 11 Blue Bayou
108643-pg. 163-Card Stock 8-1/2 X 11 Groovy Guava
108637-pg. 163-Card Stock 8-1/2 X 11 In Color
108640-pg. 163-Card Stock 8-1/2 X 11 River Rock
108639-pg. 163-Card Stock 8-1/2 X 11 Soft Sky
108641-pg. 163-Card Stock 8-1/2 X 11 Wild Wasabi
108644-pg. 163-Card Stock 8-1/2 X 11 Purely Pomegranate

103975-pg. 166-Card Stock Brushed Copper
108694-pg. 163-Card Stock Textured 12 X 12 In Color
107312-pg. 167-Cards & Envelopes Gift Whisper White
107292-pg. 167-Cards & Envelopes Greeting Whisper White
109116-pg. 167-Notes & Envelopes Long Notes
109118-pg. 167-Notes & Envelopes Love Notes
109117-pg. 167-Notes & Envelopes Pocket Notes*
110729-pg. 167-Notes & Envelopes Scallop Notes
109119-pg. 167-Notes & Envelopes Gift Notes
109018-pg. 163-Classic Stampin' Ink Blue Bayou
109019-pg. 163-Classic Stampin' Ink Groovy Guava
109017-pg. 163-Classic Stampin' Ink Purely Pomegranate
109016-pg. 163-Classic Stampin' Ink River Rock
109015-pg. 163-Classic Stampin' Ink Soft Sky
109020-pg. 163-Classic Stampin' Ink Wild Wasabi
109013-pg. 163-Classic Stampin' Pad Blue Bayou
109012-pg. 163-Classic Stampin' Pad Groovy Guava
109011-pg. 163-Classic Stampin' Pad Purely Pomegranate
109010-pg. 163-Classic Stampin' Pad River Rock
109009-pg. 163-Classic Stampin' Pad Soft Sky
109014-pg. 163-Classic Stampin' Pad Wild Wasabi
110751-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Azure*
110696-pg. 169-Designer Series Paper Bali Breeze
110749-pg. 169-Designer Series Paper Berry Bliss
109154-pg. 169-Designer Series Paper Cutie Pie
110699-pg. 168-Designer Series Paper East Coast Prep*
109160-pg. 170-Designer Series Paper Fall Flowers
109159-pg. 169-Designer Series Paper Flowers For You*
110697-pg. 169-Designer Series Paper Ginger Blossom
110479-pg. 168-Designer Series Paper Jersey Shore*
109151-pg. 170-Designer Series Paper Le Jardin
110748-pg. 170-Designer Series Paper Notebook*
110750-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Olive Press
109153-pg. 170-Designer Series Paper Porcelain Prints*
109175-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints Almost Amethyst*
109177-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints Always Artichoke
109173-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints Blue Bayou
109174-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints Brilliant Blue
109178-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints Certainly Celery
109169-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints Close to Cocoa*
109168-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints Groovy Guava*
109171-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints Lovely Lilac
109172-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints More Mustard
109176-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints Old Olive
109170-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints Pumpkin Pie
109164-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints River Rock*
109167-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints Rose Red
109166-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints So Saffron
109165-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints Soft Sky
109163-pg. 171-Designer Series Paper Prints Tempting Turquoise

110698-pg. 168-Designer Series Paper Spring Break
110273-pg. 169-Designer Series Paper Spring Fling*
110271-pg. 170-Designer Series Paper Spring Silhouettes
110272-pg. 170-Designer Series Paper Western Sky
107299-pg. 167-Envelope Confetti Cream Medium
105320-pg. 189-Eyelets Basic
100375-pg. 189-Eyelets Bold Brights
100381-pg. 189-Eyelets Earth Elements
107233-pg. 189-Eyelets Fresh Favorites I
107234-pg. 189-Eyelets Fresh Favorites II
105316-pg. 189-Eyelets Rich Regals
100378-pg. 189-Eyelets Soft Subtles
105515-pg. 188-Hodgepodge Hardware Pewter
105531-pg. 188-Hodgepodge Hardware Antique Brass
105532-pg. 188-Hodgepodge Hardware Aged Copper
101120-pg. 183-Metallic Art Pencils
107307-pg. 179-On Board Accents
109181-pg. 178-On Board Blossoms & Basic
109179-pg. 178-On Board Ginormous Pieces
107306-pg. 179-On Board Simon Lower
102678-pg. 166-Mulberry Paper White
109227-pg. 181-Punch Box Three For You
102686-pg. 180-Punch Handheld Rectangle
100271-pg. 183-Pure Color Pencils
109060-pg. 191-Ribbon Double-Stitched Blue Bayou
109063-pg. 191-Ribbon Double-Stitched Groovy Guava
109061-pg. 191-Ribbon Double-Stitched Purely Pomegranate
109062-pg. 191-Ribbon Double-Stitched River Rock*
109059-pg. 191-Ribbon Double-Stitched Soft Sky
109058-pg. 191-Ribbon Double-Stitched Wild Wasabi
109189-pg. 190-Ribbon Originals Beachfront*
109187-pg. 190-Ribbon Originals District*
109188-pg. 190-Ribbon Originals Fairy Tale
109185-pg. 190-Ribbon Originals Jersey*
109184-pg. 190-Ribbon Originals Sherbet
109186-pg. 190-Ribbon Originals Theater
110716-pg. 191-Ribbon Striped Grosgrain Wild Wasabi*
110281-pg. 182-Rub-Ons Cherished Memories*
110284-pg. 182-Rub-Ons Eastern Elegance*
110285-pg. 182-Rub-Ons Urban West*
110557-pg. 174-Simply Scrappin' Boho Blend
109610-pg. 174-Simply Scrappin' Confetti
110572-pg. 172-Simply Scrappin' Crew Kids Boy
110567-pg. 173-Simply Scrappin' Crew Kids Girl
109597-pg. 175-Simply Scrappin' Home Again
110562-pg. 174-Simply Scrappin' Rose Cottage
109648-pg. 173-Simply Scrappin' Special Delivery Boy
109627-pg. 173-Simply Scrappin' Special Delivery Girl
110587-pg. 175-Simply Scrappin' Summer Days
110577-pg. 175-Simply Scrappin' Tie The Knot
111184-pg. 15-Simply Sent Friendly Notes
109228-pg. 16-Simply Sent Simple Delights
109229-pg. 16-Simply Sent Three Thoughts

106662-pg. 197-Stampin'Around Wheel Daisy Field
107561-pg. 197-Stampin'Around Wheel Garden Annuals
109681-pg.197-Stampin'Around Wheel Good Dog
109678-pg. 197-Stampin'Around Wheel Kisses
107482-pg. 197-Stampin'Around Wheel Lily Pad
109680-pg. 197-Stampin'Around Wheel Meow
109677-pg. 197-Stampin'Around Wheel Mistletoe
106610-pg. 196-Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Basics Outline
107467-pg. 196-Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Birthday
109571-pg. 196-Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Dilly Dally Baby
109570-pg. 196-Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Dilly Dally Friends
109569-pg. 196-Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Dilly Dally Party
108423-pg. 196-Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Leaves A La Carte
107468-pg. 196-Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Nature Hike
108980-pg. 196-Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Petals
107464-pg. 196-Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Rough Texture
111261-pg. 196-Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel Spunky Spots
109554-pg. 193-Stampin' Color Index Labels
106694-pg. 194-Stampin' Kids Markers
102673-pg. 183-Zig Painty

Contact me at if you would like to order any retiring accessories!